Leadership Development & Management Training


Developing and empowering strong, successful leaders.  Training people to manage the present and plan for the future.  Ensuring that employees have the knowledge and direction to do their jobs with optimal effectiveness and efficiency.  These are the hallmarks of a successful organization.

Clarus delivers leadership development and management training programs for individuals, teams and entire organizations.  Our approach is comprehensive, going beyond basic knowledge transfer to promote awareness of individual strengths and understanding of the interplay of personalities that comprise team dynamics.  Participants become familiar with all components of effective leadership and management, learning through a process that is interactive and exercise-oriented.

The Clarus leadership development model, our Clear Management Training program, is designed to ensure that participants leave with the skills and tools necessary to be effective leaders—and with a better understanding and appreciation of themselves, their co-workers and their organization.  Management groups trained by Clarus develop into cross-functional teams that are effective in improving internal communications, establishing common interests and building relationships necessary to achieve organizational goals.

Clarus works with clients to customize training and team development programs that address the full range of organizational needs.  In addition to Clear Management Training, Clarus provides formal training in communications, conflict resolution and diversity issues, including individual coaching in all of these areas.  In our coaching and training, we are trained and certified to utilize Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode, Change Style Indicator and the Enneagram, in addition to other assessments.

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Critical Questions

  1. Are you making important decisions quickly and effectively?
  2. Are your managers making the most of their individual management styles?
  3. Do you fully utilize the collective strengths of your management team?
  4. What best practices should apply to your leadership team?
  5. Are your leaders growing or have they hit a ceiling?
  6. Are the right people in the right leadership positions?