Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

In the media-saturated world in which today’s business and organizations operate, communication is a fact of life.

Effective communication is the foundation of every successful initiative, program or product launch.

On the other hand, communication that is reactionary, rather than intentional and proactive—even the decision not to communicate on particular issues, events or circumstances—can send internal and external audiences powerful messages over which the sender has no control.

Clarus believes that intentional, proactive, effective communication educates and engages, empowers and persuades, clarifies and comforts.  Designing and implementing internal and external communications strategies, Clarus puts the client in control of any conversation related to their business, including crisis communications.  Our approach takes into consideration the unique learning and communications styles within the organization and among key stakeholders and constituencies, producing strategies that help clients introduce and implement organizational change, increase productivity, minimize negative effects resulting from crises, and optimize internal and external relationships.

Like other firms, Clarus creates communication plans with timelines, key messages, talking points, audience identification, and means and methods of disseminating desired information.

The difference is, Clarus goes a step further, providing training, consultation and recommendations to ensure that an organization’s leaders and employees develop the knowledge and skills necessary to the success of any communications strategy.

The forward-thinking, collaborative process led by Clarus is supported by the firm’s strong background and experience in developing innovative communications strategies, including keen understanding of audiences and integration of effective conflict resolution methods.  Clarus also emphasizes the importance of stakeholder engagement, whether that means peer organizations, current or prospective clients or customers, licensing or regulatory authorities, the news media, or the general public.

Community/stakeholder engagement is a key element of Clarus’ approach.  Clarus has a proven ability to reach a broad stakeholder base, generating ideas and comments which often contribute to creative solutions that might not be identified by smaller, more tightly-focused groups.

In all aspects of communications strategy development, Clarus helps organizations establish productive dialogues with all key internal and external audiences.  Such dialogues are a critical means of gathering feedback that informs strategic decision making.

Critical Questions

  1. Are your employees all on the same page?
  2. Do people receive the information they need to do their jobs?
  3. How effectively do you communicate with shareholders, strategic partners, and other key stakeholders?
  4. Could you communicate more effectively with your customers, clients, and prospects?
  5. What about the media? Analysts? Governmental bodies?
  6. Which stakeholders are often missing from the conversation?