Our Language

This selective glossary is intended to provide you with a deeper understanding of certain terms Clarus uses to describe its approach to helping clients address issues and achieve goals.


The assurance that Clarus takes responsibility for every aspect of our work, dedicating the resources necessary to complete your project with timeliness and cost-efficiency; along with integrity, engagement, trust and excellence, accountability is one of the core values that form the cornerstone of our relationship with your organization.


The skills, resources, knowledge, manpower, and time required to implement and sustain both new and ongoing organizational initiatives; capacity is more than increasing headcount as it can be developed among current employees through effective training, communication, and planning.  Clarus brings capacity that builds capacity.


The first goal of all communications; for Clarus, that means maintaining an open channel of communication with you during all phases of a project, and helping your organization deliver critical messages clearly and effectively to internal and external audiences.


Latin adjective meaning clear, bright, evident, bringing fair weather; consulting group that brings clarity to complex matters


A key component of the Clarus approach; identifying and activating key internal and external stakeholders in innovative ways that strengthen your organization’s operations and build capacity for future growth and development.


Forming productive connections—between Clarus and its clients and between clients and their key stakeholders—that contribute to long-term, high-value solutions to organizational issues of all types; a core value of Clarus.


Another core value of Clarus; the commitment to producing work—and results—of the highest quality; delivering plans and strategies that build on the strengths of your organization and position it to take advantage of opportunities for making it the best it can be.


That which can be implemented effectively and efficiently; for Clarus, a primary objective of our work; the result of a process tailored to the unique goals, needs and objectives of your organization.


Honesty, reliability and dedication to the task of helping your organization function at a higher level; a core value of Clarus.


The measurable, high-value results Clarus achieves for you and your organization, helping you address critical challenges and—a hallmark of our approach—the unanticipated opportunities that often come with them.


Any individual or entity with an interest in the vitality of your organization, the engagement of which is a critical element in developing and implementing strategies and plans for both immediate and long-term success.


That which can be maintained and strengthened over time; for Clarus, a primary objective of our work; providing your organization a “road map” for improving your bottom line and building internal capacity for planning and managing future change and growth.


The foundation of the Clarus approach, informed by our process of engagement and our proven ability to understand how the various components of your organization—including key internal and external stakeholders—function individually, with each other, and in relation to the whole.


A core value of Clarus; your belief and confidence in our ability to get the job done for you and your organization.