Our Firm

Where others see only problems, Clarus Consulting Group sees possibilities.

Where others focus on immediate obstacles, our approach helps clients build on their strengths and identify opportunities for making the organization the best it can be, now and in the future.  Clarus is dedicated to helping organizations of all types function at a higher level.

At Clarus, we connect with clients in ways that go far beyond traditional approaches to strategy and planning, communications and stakeholder engagement, leadership development and management training, and change management.  Our firm is geared specifically to helping clients make difficult choices in a variety of complex environments.  We deliver outcomes that are measurable, providing high-value solutions designed to improve the client’s bottom line and build their internal capacity for planning and managing future change and growth.

Clarus succeeds because we engage our clients in ways that cultivate trust and accountability.

The diverse backgrounds and expertise of our principals and associates allow us to approach each project with efficiency and flexibility, creativity and innovation.  We believe that transformational outcomes result from the collaborative strengths of our entire team—and yours.