Our Approach

The lasting value Clarus creates for clients is rooted in the consistency of our approach.

When we sit down with a prospective client for the first time, our primary objective is to listen.  We want to know how an organization works, understand its history and culture, and hear the views of its leadership on current operations and goals for the future.

It’s not just that Clarus listens.

It’s how we listen— in a way that enables us to apply the diverse knowledge and expertise of our principals and associates to meeting the unique needs, goals and expectations of each client.  The core values on which the Clarus approach is founded—integrity, engagement, trust, accountability, excellence—translate into bottom-line value for our clients.

Clarus helps organizations address real issues, not just symptoms.

Our systems-based process—understanding how the components of an organization work individually, in relation to each other, and as a whole—is informed by asking the right people the right questions.  We are highly successful at engaging an organization’s leadership, employees and key stakeholders in forging solutions that address various needs and objectives.

Regardless of the type of organization or the circumstances involved, Clarus can help identify critical challenges, as well as the often unanticipated opportunities that come with them.  The Case Studies highlighted elsewhere on our website demonstrate the results Clarus has achieved for a broad and growing range of clients.

Above all, Clarus is respectful of you and your business and dedicated to helping your organization succeed.  Building on that foundation, our approach follows a progressive process in which Clarus:

  • Leads an unobtrusive diagnostic phase
  • Identifies and engages all relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • Maps the ways in which issues, changes and potential solutions affect the entire organizational system
  • Designs strategies tailored to deliver the results the client seeks
  • Develop innovative internal and external collaborations that strengthen operations and build capacity for ongoing growth and development
  • Facilitate the communications, training, team development, and organizational optimization required to make solutions sustainable