Effective Team Communication while in High-Delivery Mode

We knew it had been a while since we posted our latest thoughts but were surprised to see just how long has passed. That realization led us to think back and consider: what has our team been up to? The obvious answer came to us quickly…we have been in “high-delivery mode.”

At Clarus, “high-delivery mode,” or HDM for short, is characterized by our immersion in delivering our services in connection with a series of interesting and complex projects. HDM is a natural fit for our team as it requires quick thinking and action for every step of the project from process design to implementation.

This round of HDM took Clarus to new places to help new clients in array of sectors and industries. Since June of last year, our project teams have been dispatched to Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Tennessee to work with clients on everything from strategic communication planning and wide-scale stakeholder engagement to team development and change management.

In this HDM period, we also opened a new office, in Houston, TX! (Check out our news feed to learn more about our exciting project there.) On top of all of that, we have continued to operate in HDM alongside our outstanding clients in Birmingham.

Can being this productive have a downside? Of course! If we weren’t very mindful about how our operating in HDM reduces our internal face-to-face time, the Clarus team’s functioning could suffer. Luckily, we know that there are some simple best practices we can put in place to maintain effective team communication while in HDM. Here are a few of the ways we have sustained and even improved our team’s communication and collaboration over the past year.

  • We always have our weekly team meeting. Travel in HDM may require us to move our team meeting from morning to afternoon or from Monday to Wednesday, and we have use a conference call line to get everyone together, but we find a way to make it happen. It’s a weekly touch-point for the entire team.
  • We share lessons learned. During HDM, we help our clients achieve incredible results; we also learn a lot in the process. Whether it is in our team meeting or via all staff email, we share these new project processes, approaches, and tools internally. Sharing these lessons enriches our work and it’s a great way for everyone to stay abreast of our collective effort.
  • We invest in professional and team development. Over the last twelve months, we upped our commitment to professional development by scheduling monthly topical sessions where we discuss our work, how we go about it, and how we can continue to improve. It’s also great opportunity to orient new team members to our processes. We also seek fun opportunities to be together as a team outside of the office. The Clarus team visited the new zip line at Red Mountain Park in the spring and picked blueberries at a team member’s family farm this summer. Both events gave us important “quality” team time together.

We know we will remain in HDM for a while and we are excited about it. We also know that we are making sure our team continues to develop and remain effective during this period. Finally, we know we have to start pausing often enough to share our thoughts!

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