The Next Generation of Organizational Leadership

Over the next three months, more than 100 managers will graduate from our Clear Management™ Training program. Through our delivery of Clear Management™ Training and other leadership development and management training programs, we have the opportunity to work with incredibly talented and intelligent senior executives and managers. These individuals are often the ‘top of the class’ performers who, following years of learning and excelling in the operations of the business, earn well-deserved promotions to managerial and senior leadership positions. The benefits of having key employees that possess a firm understanding of the company’s core business are obvious; it’s the need to ensure these key employees possess the skill set and knowledge necessary to effectively lead that’s often overlooked.

An article in March’s Harvard Business Review, The New Path to the C-Suite, does a great job of reflecting and expanding upon our observation. For each of the seven C-level positions, authors Boris Groysberg, L. Kevin Kelly, and Bryan MacDonald, breakdown the leadership skills and business knowledge that are equally, and often more, important than technical and operational expertise to achieve and be successful in these roles. Ultimately, their research leads them to conclude that C-Suite success will rely in part on strong abilities to communicate, collaborate, and think strategically.

We couldn’t agree more. Our leadership development and management training programs, including Clear Management™ Training, are designed to build core management competencies, including communication, mentorship, collaboration, conflict resolution, and strategic planning. Somewhat uniquely, our approach to leadership development and management training is grounded in developing participants’ awareness of their own personality, strengths, and communication style, as well as that of their colleagues. This approach resonates with managers, allowing them to identify with and truly understand the topics covered and ensuring the knowledge they take away can be applied immediately in their current role.

With our 100+ soon to be Clear Management™ Training graduates being some of the best and the brightest in operations, we will have no doubt trained the representative companies’ future leaders. Now armed with critical leadership and management skills, they can successfully navigate the path to the corner office.

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