Clarus to embark on a year of sustainability and culture change

Much more than a New Year’s resolution—because this one will last longer than 2 weeks—but not quite a revolution.

I feel a good plan in the works. For some years now, we have quietly been making changes within our office to be more aware about the resources we use, our responsibility to the community, and the ways we view our role in the conversation around sustainability. We believe that these intermittent and sometimes spontaneous changes must add up to something more significant than its parts. Not unlike the work we do with clients, when a discussion begins and planning takes place, only then do you begin to understand how far you’ve come and where opportunities for improvement remain.

Since our founding in 2004, we’ve had the pleasure of helping organizations define and/or renew their commitment to sustainability by looking at the convergence of environmental, social, and economic objectives to ensure that meeting society’s present needs does not jeopardize our ability to meet future ones. Through planning processes, internal and external stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, and change management initiatives, we have supported our clients efforts to improve performance, change organizational culture, and inspire action.

Now it’s our turn. Effective January 1, we officially kick-off our 2011 Clarus Sustainability Initiative. A significant undertaking, but a very important direction for us to head in this new year. In relation to our own individual and collective environmental, social, and economic impact, we hope to identify both what we are doing well and what we can do better.

So in 2011 we are committing to our own sustainability planning process. Over the next several months, we will share insights from our work on our blog…warts and all. We kick off this journey with one decision that occurred a few weeks ago with the publication of the second edition of our Clarus Recipe Book. Although a tough decision to give up the tangible nature of a printed volume, we opted to spare the trees and provide an electronic version of our book. We estimate this one decision saved 12 reams in paper resources (equivalent to almost 1 tree) and allowed us to cut our budget by at least 60%, savings we can reinvest in other sustainability initiatives. A different product overall, but we think effective nonetheless. See for yourself— www.clarusgroup.net/recipebook.

Join us as we share our planning process. It’s a new year, a new opportunity, and a new vision for sustainability at Clarus.

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